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Speaker Services: Delighting Audiences and Groups with His Positive, Life-Changing Message

Steven Campbell, MSIS, is an award-winning author, speaker and mentor with over 25 years of experience teaching executives, business owners and non-profit organizations. Steven’s presentations explore the discoveries that cognitive psychology has made about dealing with our beliefs and feelings. Each attendee leaves with tools that teach them not only how to change the way we think, but more importantly, how we can teach our brain to embrace that change.

An Amazingly Engaging and Effective Speaker and Teacher

All of Steven’s programs are highly-engaging, multi-media presentations that create instant buy-in to his concepts. His award-winning presentations ensure a message that is customized and “on target” for your group every time. Steven’s background as a hospital administrator, graduate professor and educational dean, combined with his success as an entrepreneur who has started a number of businesses, make his message interesting, entertaining and highly credible to the audience.

At the end of every presentation, the audience is completely still in their chairs, in awe of what they have learned. They are also energized, motivated and equipped with simple, actionable tools they can apply to their business and their lives as they walk out the door. Steven has taught thousands of attendees all around America on what researchers in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroanatomy have discovered about how we think and feel—and how we can CHANGE.

His audiences have included:

  • Physicians and Psychologists
  • Business Owners
  • Public Schools (Elementary/High School)
  • Brain Fitness Organizations
  • Weight Loss Organizations
  • Community Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Health Facilities
  • Public Schools (Elementary/High School)
  • Drug Rehabilitation Programs
  • …and many others

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“In all my years as a practicing psychologist I have attended many seminars on the brain and behavior… but none quite like yours. Your style of presentation is so intellectually and emotionally palpable it’s actually scintillating at times. The material seems fresh and exciting even if it already familiar. Everything comes alive. You really have found your calling, and it is a profound pleasure to witness and participate in it! Thanks so much.” —Kelley Shawn Dolan, Ph. D., Licensed Psychologist

“It sounds simple, but the effects can be rapid and powerful. Several of our staff, and physicians, found some of the effects life-changing. It led to an improvement in teamwork and morale and positive attitudes on the unit. I read his book and used it to help myself. As a result, I have developed a positive approach toward improving areas in my personal and professional life that I had previously figured would never change, but now are making some positive steps.” —Karen Gomez, Librarian

“I am the site leader for our satellite clinic in Rohnert Park. Steven Campbell gave a talk that was very well received. His topic, “Making Your Mind Magnificent,” teaches us how we learn, with the message that we are never too old or too set in our ways to change and reach our full capability. We invited him to expand on these themes with monthly noon talks, which are still ongoing. We learned a positive way of responding to our mistakes and growing from them. We learned how to identify self images that we carry within ourselves that keep us from reaching our potential. We then learned how to create new self images and use them to move toward our goals.” —Maury Schulkin, M.D., Family Medicine Services, Kaiser Permanente

Comments about
Steven as a Speaker

“We have found his training to
add just the right amount of
"human touch" to our sales
and marketing approach, and
our staff looks forward to his
sessions, not only for the
insight they provide but
because we seems to always
leave the sessions with at
least one tangible piece of
information which we could
immediately put into practice
on our desks.”
–Tim J. Mattis, Ensearch
Professional Recruiters

"Steve is a complete joy to
work with and to listen to. I
would recommend Steve as
a lecturer, speaker, or mentor
to anyone interested in improv-
ing his or her life of business
career. If you ever have the
chance to go listen to one of
Steve's presentations, DO IT.
You will not be sorry.”
–Michael Sinatra,


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